2. Today’s been a baking day preparing for tomorrow. 
    A Banana and Walnut cake (top) ready to be filled up with walnut cream tomorrow, and a Mississippi Mud Pie too.

    Going to be a huge fatty tomorrow and eat a load of both.

  4. davehillustration:

    Burger Biking. Burgking. Bike-ger?
    Prints of this should be coming soon.


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  6. Exclusive first look at Guardians of the Galaxy. x

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  9. hamishmckeowndesign:

    Today I was lucky enough to get to go around Middleport Pottery in Burslem with my camera. 

    I’ll be part of a team working on some projection there over the next few months and today was my first chance seeing inside the place, and it was amazing. 

    Here’s just 4 of the 100 photographs I got in the hour I was there. It was great and I can’t wait to see how all the projections (and all the other projects going on there) will look!

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