1. “Before ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ I had played a different version of kind of the same person in every movie,” he said. “It’s been a bit of a survival mechanism my whole life to kind of play the dummy, and get laughs, and goof around.” But seeing himself in that role broadened his sense of possibilities. “It was another element to myself,” he said, “that I just hadn’t seen.” [x]

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    Today I was working as a photographer during a video shoot for Lumina, a contemporary choir from London.

    It was a great day, some incredible voices and an awesome location that filled up with sound spectacularly.

    Yesterday was fun

  4. It’s Monday again. Do you need a pick-me-up? Have some hilarious quotes from The Lego Movie. You’re welcome and everything is awesome.

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    So my new business cards have arrived, looking forward to customising the rest of these

  7. Jeez, sometimes I forget how stupidly long my hair got at one point.

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    Working on some potential new business cards today.
    Quite excited to get some new ones.