1. The last few days have been really great. 
    And today I beat the Ender Dragon with two Puckeys for the first time.
    Take that you stupid dragon.

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    The T-Shirts of QUENTIN QUIRE by Latour & Asrar.

    This kid is going places.

  3. hamishmckeowndesign:

    On saturday we put on the show we’ve been working on for the past few months over at Concord College.
    After having worked on a tonne of the images for the show, I got to do a lot of the photography for it. 

    These are some of my favourites from the shoot.

    Pretty pleased with the way some of these photographs came out, it was a great show the other day.

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  5. pocketfulofgeek:

    It is afraid of the fallen. It does not understand these ones are mine.

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  7. vial-of-villainy:

    I made this huge chocolate cake. It was meant to be red velvet and I used 2 tubes of food colouring and it still ended up brown. Either way it was tasty!

    I’ve eaten way too much delicious cake over the last few days, this being one of them

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  9. davehillustration:

    Cheesy Rider. It’s a big burger on a bike

    My first item up on Society6!

    All for you! Here!

    Right on the verge of buying this as a throw pillow

  10. All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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